IoT Applications

Internet of Things is throwing data, are we listening?

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Not just Governments, Everyone is in IoT loop

Be it Institutions, industries, Small and medium enterprises or even individuals

Why go for IoT Solutions?

Large enterprises and Governments have realized the need of getting real-time data from different sources, analyzing the data and making better decisions.




Better Decisions

Focus Areas

IoT as a concept is an abstract word. There are zillions of applications which can be built in different sectors. Some of the sectors which we have worked and listed are as follows:

Smart Home

Smart Enterprises

Smart Industries

Smart Living

From Sensor to Dashboard, we Integrate complete Lifecycle

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Sector Wise Applications


Medium to Large Manufacturing Units have been implementing Automation Techniques. Now is the time to aggregate the data and bring in on a single point dashboard for real time tracking which enables better decisions

  • Remote Asset Tracking
  • Status Monitoring
  • Operational Analytics
  • Asset Management


Ability to provide medical treatment on time and in certain cases in real time is enabled by smart healthcare devices and its integration with IoT Enabled apps and interfaces.

  • Remote Diagnosis
  • Remote Patient Health Monitoring
  • Wearables 
  • Fitness Tracking


Despite online shopping, the good old in-store shopping experience is back in fashion. And retailers are leaving no stones unturned to leverage analytics of customer preferences and trends in the store.

  • In-store analysis
  • Stock Management
  • Stock Movement Tracking
  • Interactive and Media Marketing


The best leverage of IOT one can take is by the Government Bodies. In single Control Center, they can have monitoring and controlling of entire city/town/district.

  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Weather Monitoring
  • Soil Moisture Monitoring
  • Car Parking Management
  • Public Announcement System
  • Floods Warning Systems

Supply Chain and Logistics

When we speak about vehicles and assets which are globally mobile, tracking and monitoring them becomes altogether a different capability

  • Real-time Vehicle Monitoring and Tracking
  • Real-time Assets and Good Tracking
  • TaT Analysis
  • Route / Asset / Resource Efficiency monitoring

IOT will change the way we live in our Homes, Offices and everywhere else.

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Our Approach








Case Study: NexGen Tower Infra

NexGen Tower Infra Ltd is a Tower Infrastructure company in South Gujarat, India. We have helped them capture IoT Sensor Data for Weather Monitoring and devised a dashboard which can be useful for analytics. This PoC was devised over their product "Smart Pole", which is pole containing various smart city application related devices, such as CCTV, Battery Display, public announcement, IoT Sensors etc.

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